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Music therapy

Music therapy class

for babies and toddlers 0 - 3 y.o.

1. mother and child communication through music

2. discovering various senses: touching, hearing, smelling

3. discover and experience life through a wide range of sounds

4. singing, moving and touching

5. rhythm practicing

Art therapy

Art therapy group for babies and toddlers 6 months - 3 years 

1. well-rounded development (sensory, motor, cognitive, social, emotional)

2. discovering child's needs and emotions

3. introduction to different materials

4. development of free game

5. discovering various senses: touching, hearing, smelling

Dance class

Dancing class for toddlers 2-4 y.o.

1. discovering child's own body 

2. learning to dance through personal experience: explore, experiment and discover

in the group.

3. discover the body, space and power, and use them in the movement

4. discovering personal movement language

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